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  • I am very random.
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Greetings to all Braains Wikians! Before joining this wiki, I participated in the Age of Empires wiki where I'm most active. When I first came across this wiki, it was neglected and in shambles since all the users are either inactive, or have left the wiki. This leaves me as the only active editor of this wiki. I’m also a head administrator here, along with Funny Kelpie who founded this wiki. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding to this wiki, fell free to leave me a random message at my wall.


At this point, I'm currently at level 52 in Braaains which was achieved only in a short amount of time. For those of you who want to increase their Zombie horde, feel free to add this gaming account to your friends list on Facebook. Note: this is a fake account and is ONLY used for Facebook games.

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